Luxêmme recognises the importance of providing you with a website that is accessible to all users, including the disabled, visually impaired and those with cognitive disabilities and motor problems.

If you have any feedback on how we could improve accessibility, or if you have any problems using it, please get in touch. We do our utmost to ensure everyone and anyone can use our website, but we are always seeking ways to improve our service.

We try to make our website accessible to all user groups through the use of clear, simple language which is easy to understand. Information is concise and presented clearly so it is understandable to all. We also make use of common web conventions and avoid the use of blinking or flickering elements.

The Luxêmme website we use a font that is easy to read, appropriate alt tags for images and we make sure navigation throughout the site is consistent. We try to avoid images of text wherever possible.

We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the layout and tables are only used for data presentment. This means screen reader users can use their navigation key to get around the site. For the blind and visually impaired listening to the site, menus are grouped together simply for easier navigation.

Enlarging text

Select 'Internet Options' on the browser Tools menu, then on the General tab, select 'Accessibility'. Check 'Ignore font sizes specified on web pages' box and click 'OK'. Now select 'view ' on the browser menu, click 'text size' and choose what's best.

Changing text or colour

Go to your browser's Tools menu and select 'Internet Options', then select 'Colour' on the General Tab. Now deselect the 'Use Windows Colours' tick box and select the box next to 'Text' and choose a colour. Click on 'OK' and then select the box next to 'Background' and choose a colour. Click OK and you are good to go.