14th October, 2015

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Anita High Neck Swing Dress by Anita Kaushik

Although I love getting really glammed up in a tight-fitting bodycon or teeny-weeny playsuit, from time to time less is more; that’s why I created the Anita swing dress. It’s got a simple swing shape with just a bit of ruching around the neckline and a light, floaty outer layer which just skims over the body for effortlessly sophisticated style.

Swing dresses are really easy to wear. They flatter every figure and are great for those occasions when you want to cover up. Don’t get me wrong, I love a figure-hugging outfit and I’m always showing off a bit of midriff in cute little two-pieces. For more formal events though (or those days when I’m feeling a little less body-confident than usual - we all have them!) it’s nice to have some more modest, looser-fitting clothing on hand. This dress skims the figure gorgeously and gently flows out behind as you walk – perfect for a bit of drama when you make an entrance into a room!

Anita High Neck Swing Dress by Anita Kaushik

If you do fancy showing off your curves a bit more you could easily fasten a belt around your waist over the dress. Go for a really slim, dainty belt with a gold or silver fastening to keep it dressy. You could create a similar effect by adding a crop jacket over the top, too. I really wanted this dress to act like a blank canvas so you can wear it again and again with a range of different accessories to suit your style or mood.

My favourite thing about this dress is how versatile it is. It’s perfect for the club but it wouldn’t look out of place at a posh cocktail bar either. You could even get away with wearing it to a really formal event if you add a smart tailored blazer or jacket over the top. If you want to dress it down you can do that too with some chunky Chelsea boots and a leather jacket. For me, it’s one of those dresses you can rely on when you just can’t decide what to wear; it will always make you feel confident, stylish and ready to take on the world!