DIY Bra Hacks for Revealing Outfits

21st November, 2015

DIY Bra Hacks for Revealing Outfits

Plunging necklines, halternecks and dramatic open backs are always show stopping features on dresses and tops, but if there’s one thing that will ruin their look is a pesky bra strap or back peeking out and ruining the flawless look. Although there are plenty of weird and wonderful bras on the market to overcome the problem, in our experience they’re not always as practical, supportive, or affordable as we’d like them to be – so here are our favourite DIY bra hacks!

The Paperclip Trick

If you have a dress or top with a racer back and find that your bra straps tend to peak out, just grab a paperclip and use it to pull the two straps together. This is a really easy and inexpensive trick (we always manage to find rogue paperclips lying around!), and saves you from fiddling around with adjustable straps. If you want to accentuate your cleavage a little, you can use the paper clip in a similar way except a little higher up on your back; the position of the straps will help to push your boobs together for a more dramatic décolletage.

Make Your Own Pasties

Nipple pasties are a popular way to cover up in sheer dresses or at times in which you don’t want to wear a bra, but if you don’t have any to hand you can easily make your own with some plasters. Just choose wide plasters and simply cut them to the right size. It’s a very easy little trick that can really help you out when wearing that little black lace dress or sheer blouse!

DIY Bra Hacks for Revealing Outfits

Sew Cups Into Your Dress

Got an old bra that you don’t wear much anymore? Cut out each cup individually and hand stitch them into the bust of your outfit. This trick is a little more time consuming, but great for backless or halterneck dresses and tops that you wear regularly as it means that you don’t have to worry about getting adjusting a bra or wearing adhesive cups.

Be aware though that this trick can only work with dresses that have an inner lining, as you don’t want to see any of the stiches on the outside of your dress. An alternative to stitching would be to use a non-sew hemming tape which can adhere the bra cups to the dress, but be careful that the tape doesn’t show through; this trick wouldn’t really work with lace dresses, but is fine with dresses made from thicker materials.

Lower the Bra Back with a DIY Extender

Like the tip above, this trick takes a little extra work, but is totally worth it if you want to be able to wear any bra you want with a backless dress. You’ll need an old bra and a length of elastic (roughly the same width as the bra back) long enough to wrap around your waist. Snip the clasps off the old bra and stitch them to each end of the elastic. You can then clasp one end of the extender elastic to the end of the bra you want to wear, and wrap the elastic around your waist before clasping the other side to your bra. You still have all the support of your normal trusty bra, but the back is significantly lower so that it won’t be on show in your backless dress.