Getting Retro with 70s Style

24th November, 2015

Getting Retro with 70s Style

We may be in AW15 but it seems that everyone is craving a 1970s revival at the moment; we’re seeing hints of 70s style all over the place and we’re loving the retro vibe. If you want to get in on the 70s throwback here are a few ways to incorporate the retro styles into your wardrobe.

Pretty Blouses

Soft, delicate and feminine blouses were big in the 70s, so a great way to incorporate some retro style into your workwear is to invest in some pretty blouses that you can mix and match with pencil skirts and tailored trousers. Large, dramatic pussy bows were a popular 70s style as were high necks and delicate floral prints, so look out for these features when choosing your blouses.


With the disco obsession in full swing the 70s saw huge, sweeping flared trousers worn by both men and women. Now, flares are back with a vengeance so say goodbye to your skinny jeans and embrace the wide leg trousers instead! For a casual look invest in a pair of flared jeans, or to smarten things up look for some tailored flared trousers instead; they’ll look great with your pussy bow blouse.


The psychedelic 60s saw the introduction of paisley patterns into popular fashion, and the design remained throughout the following decade too. Investing in a few paisley pieces is therefore a great way to inject 70s style into your wardrobe. Look for shirts or kimono-style cover-ups; you can easily throw them on over a plain dress or cami and jeans combo for a simple but effective hippy-chick look.

Getting Retro with 70s Style

Bell Sleeves

Boho chic was big in the 70s and one of the key features of this style was large, flowing bell sleeves; you could see them everywhere, on dresses, tops, jackets and jumpsuits. One of our favourite items at the moment is the Bella Lace Swing Dress which has really pretty bell sleeves made from delicate black lace. It’s a brilliant black swing dress for this season because it has a demure high neck (very 70s) and the pattern of the lace is somewhat inspired by paisley print; it echoes the 70s beautiful without going overboard which is perfect for some retro glamour.