How to get Siren Red Lips with your Little Black Dress

21st November, 2015

How to get Siren Red Lips with your Little Black Dress

What’s the best accompaniment to your favourite little black dress? Bright red lips. Nothing is sexier or more sophisticated than a bold red pout, so if you have lots of black dresses in your wardrobe you’d better get practising your red lip technique now. We’ve got a few tips for you to help you achieve that perfect siren look with ease.

Go Balmy

No colour is more unforgiving on cracked or chapped lips than eye-catching red, so make sure your lips are well moisturised before applying your bright colour. Apply your favourite clear lip balm generously then dab with a tissue to remove excess; lips should be moisturised but not greasy.

Line Up

Lip liner is essential if you want to prevent your gorgeous lip colour from bleeding. Choose a liner in a shade that matches your lippy as close as possible, but if you can’t get a perfect match be sure to use one which is slightly darker than your lipstick.

How to get Siren Red Lips with your Little Black Dress

Get Lippy

Time for the best bit; apply that beautiful red lipstick! Take your time and be precise; any wobble or smudge will really show itself when using red. You could even use a brush for more precision.

Blot It

Blotting your lipstick helps to reduce excess and minimise the risk of getting lipstick on your teeth (nightmare!). Fold a tissue in half, place the folded edge between your lips, lightly press down then remove. If you like a matt finish you can leave it at that, or if you want a super polished, shiny finish add some clear gloss.

Tidy Up

To really make those bright red lips pop apply a little concealer around the edge of the lip line; a fine brush will help you do this precisely. To accentuate the shape of the lip you could use a highlighter or concealer in a slightly lighter colour than your skin tone and apply along the cupid’s bow and on the outer corners of the lower lip; it will make lips appear plumper for a truly powerful pout. Now all you have to do is choose which of your black dresses to wear along with those dazzling red lips!