How to Wear White in Winter

24th November, 2015

How to Wear White in Winter

White is often seen as a colour exclusively for summer; it’s the go-to shade for holiday dresses and playsuits, it looks awesome against a tan and it generally just feels light, breezy and beautiful for summer months. Now that winter’s on the horizon many of us are putting our white outfits to the back of our wardrobe for another year, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Although we love the dark shades of navy, green and brown that the winter months bring to our style, we don’t have to break our love affair with white; you just have to wear it with a little more consideration to make sure that you look dressed appropriately for the chillier season.

How to Wear White in Winter

Use structure

In summer we tend to see white outfits in lightweight, gentle and flowing materials; flimsy cotton summer dresses and breezy wide leg linen trousers are the best ways to wear the colour. For winter white outfits such have more structure and substance, so look for pieces constructed from thicker materials or with strong tailoring. A good example of this is the Acel Tailored Two Piece, a really simple but elegant culotte two piece which makes a brilliant winter outfit. It could be dressed up with heels and a clutch for a night out, or combined with an oversized blazer and pair of heeled court shoes for work. Nothing says ‘style icon’ more than a chic, tailored white two piece.

Break it up with colour

A great way to tone down bright white for winter is to combine it with colour. You could simply add a colourful bag, jacket or pair of shoes to an all-white outfit, or you could mix and match key white pieces (such as a white blouse, cami top or pair of cigarette trousers) with colourful clothing. Even adding berry red nails or lips to a white outfit will help to break it up a little and look super stylish. A good technique is to invest in a pair of white trousers and a crisp white shirt; you can wear them separately with various colourful pieces, or together on days when you’re feeling a little more confident about rocking all-white.