Maintaining Beautiful Winter Skin

22nd November, 2015

Maintaining Beautiful Winter Skin

We’re currently crushing all over the Maelee Sleeveless Dress, a gorgeous navy skater dress with daring cut-out sections across the shoulders and décolletage. Cut-out dresses like this are perfect for the upcoming Christmas party season as they show off some sultry skin and just feel really fun. The only problem is that dry skin tends to plague us during winter, and mini hemlines and cut-out panels just don’t suit dry, flaky skin.

Skin tends to dry out during winter for a couple of reasons. Firstly, high winds and low humidity draws moisture out of the skin when we spend time outdoors in cold, wintry weather. Secondly, when we retreat back into indoor warmth the central heating saps even more moisture from the skin. Don’t worry though; with just a little extra TLC you can keep skin hydrated, healthy and flawless throughout the winter months, so you can go ahead and continue to wear your favourite little skater dresses and crop tops all year round! Here are our top winter skincare tips.

Change up your moisturiser

You need to use a moisturiser with a little extra oomph in cold months in order to make up for all the moisture that your skin loses to the elements, but you also need a lotion that will protect as well as hydrate. Oil-based moisturisers help to create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture from escaping, so forget about water-based lotions and look for oil-based alternatives such as avocado or almond oil. Be sure to take extra care applying your moisturiser on areas where skin is thicker, such as your knees and elbows.

Maintaining Beautiful Winter Skin

Avoid extreme cleansers

Soaps, exfoliators and alcohol-based toners can all dry skin out and cause irritation to skin that is already lacking moisture, so choose products that are gentle to skin or use them less frequently. Yes, it can be tempting to grab the gritty exfoliator and buff away that flaky winter skin, but you could just make the problem worse. Instead, concentrate on moisturising, avoid peels and masks, and use alcohol-free products as much as possible.

Turn down the shower

The thought of slipping into a steaming hot bath after trudging through a winter storm may seem heavenly, but it’s hellish for your skin. Intense heat draws moisture out of the skin, so you should avoid scalding hot showers and baths like the plague if you want to prevent flaky skin. Make sure the temperature is just comfortably warm to help keep your skin in good condition.