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Love Luxemme as much as we love you? Managed to build yourself a good following online and want to tell them all about Luxemme and receive free products every month as well as earning commissions on every sale your followers make?

Register with us by using the form and the system will setup the correct account type based on your social following.

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We have two schemes that we have tailor-made to suit all of our followers who want to spread the Luxemme love.

Ambassador Scheme

Our Ambassador scheme is designed for those with a substantial social media following; the system will check your social media profiles and then decide if you qualify. Please make sure you input your social media usernames on the form.

Our incentives are:

  • Free, unique products every month
  • 50% discount on all products
  • 15% commission on all sales

We help our ambassadors to grow and boost their earning potential in whatever way that we can. We value you and want to ensure that you understand your worth to us as a company.

Referral Programme

Our referral programme is the perfect way to get on the Luxemme ladder, whilst building up your social media following in the meantime and you get 10% commission on all sales as well as giving your followers, friends and family 10% of there order to.

Referral incentives are:

  • 10% commission on all sales
  • Winning free products
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Concert tickets
  • Cash prizes

We do whatever we can to encourage your growth whilst on our referral scheme, and personally review accounts and we will notify you when you reach ambassador level.

Fill in your details on the form and let us do the rest! We will review your information and let you know what account you qualify for, as well as give you all of the promotional tools that you need!

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Protect your information with a password.